Oct '63
Memphis, Tennessee/Tossin' And Turnin'

Jan '64
My Baby Left Me/Hoochie Coochie Man

Apr '64
Baby It's You/Sweet And Lovely

Jul '64
The Crying Game/Don't Gimme No Lip Child

Nov '64
One Heart Between Two/You're Gonna Need Somebody

Mar '65
Little Things/I've Got A Tiger By The Tail

Jul '65
This Strange Effect/Now

Oct '65
I'm Gonna Take You There/Just Don't Know

Jan '66
If You Wait For Love/Hidden

Jul '66
Mama/Walk, Walk, Talk, Talk

Nov '66
Picture Me Gone/Ann

Mar '67
Stranger/Stick By The Book

Aug '67
Forever/And I Have Learned To Dream

Just As Much As Ever/I Got A Feeling

(Do I Still Figure) In Your Life/Latisha

Oh What A Life/Huma Luma